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changmin screwing with yunho

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domesticshinki woes part 348459: midnight snacks and food stealing

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thanks changmin for your inspiring speech

we love u changminnie XD

Never change, Changmin-ah..  

Changmin has been by my side through the happy times and sad times..

I have no fear thanks to him and feel like we can do anything

Isn’t this what we all really want and need at the end?

For someone who believes in us, stand with us, cheer us when we’re happy, cry with us when we’re sad.. the one that makes us wanna fight harder because we want to be worthy of that person’s trust in us.. 

That one person whose presence is so priceless to us that without them, it’s like missing a limb.

That person that even in the crowded room, we would still subconsciously search for each other. 



That person who makes you smile even without you realizing it 


Because you adore them so much that you can’t stop the smile even if you wanted to~


The one that keeps you mesmerized no matter what they do


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